Jun 25, 2017

5 Essential Oils For Beginners

Hey y’all, my name is Keri and I am here to talk to you about essential oils. I was first exposed to essential oils through my sister who swears by them and their many health benefits. But for the longest time, I was skeptical of these aromatic liquids that were popping up everywhere. I questioned my sister with things like:
  • “Do they really work?”
  • “How do they work?”
  • “Are they really that effective?”
And then I found myself saying:
  • “They have to be a scam.”
  • “There’s no way that they work.”
I had the hardest time believing that they actually worked. Then for Christmas this past year, a client gifted me a diffuser and some bottles of oils. I told myself that I would use it just for scents in my house, but then my sister caught wind that I received a diffuser and also gifted me some oils and told me to just give it a try. Fast forward a couple of months and now I am hooked. I’m a believer!
It took me trying them and experiencing them first hand, to realize that all of the hype is real. Below, I am sharing my 5 favorite essential oil blends and what I use them for. These are the blends that opened my eyes to a new and natural way of skin care, pain relief and more!
  1. Lavender + Peppermint + Eucalyptus = Anxiety Relief
I suffer from severe anxiety and experience panic attacks on a weekly basis. For a while I struggled with my medications as they put me in zombie mode all day. My days weren’t productive at all, I could barely stay awake, and I literally couldn’t feel my limbs some days. I began using oils as a natural way to combat stress, worry and anxiousness and started to ween off some of the medication. While oils aren’t a complete cure-all for anxiety, I have found that they are effective in calming and relaxing in times of panic and stress. This one works well in the diffuser at your bed side at night.
Looking for a trustworthy diffuser? Here’s my favorite.

  1. Lemon + Lavender + Peppermint = Seasonal Allergy Relief
Another health issue that plagues me is seasonal allergies. I have been deathly allergic to pollen ever since I was a little girl. I experience itchy eyes, itchy nose, trouble breathing, headaches, and head to toe hives. My sister gifted me a combination of oils just for my allergies and I was so ecstatic when I noticed a difference in my headaches and breathing! For those who experience the evil that is pollen allergies, you know that finding relief is nearly impossible. Give this blend a try. Get all 3 here.

  1. Deep Blue = Headache, Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
Ever tried icy hot on sore muscles or injuries? Deep Blue has the same effect, but without all of the chemicals on your skin. This is a topical oil that you place directly onto your skin. It can be used for sore muscles, joint pain, headaches, neck tension and more. Also comes in lotion form!
  1. Lemongrass = Natural Insect Repellant
Summer is the season of mosquitos and gnats. Sometimes the brand name bug repellant that we buy in stores can get sticky and smelly, but not lemongrass - It’s natural and smells amazing! Dab some of this on your skin as you take on the outdoors this summer and fight off those buggies the natural way. Not to mention, it is one of the cheaper oils. Check it out here!
  1. Melaleuca (Tea Tree) + Coconut Oil = Skin Health
Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries for its skin health benefits. It has purifying and toning properties that are great for treating acne scars, moisturizing, skin irritation, breakouts and more. I use this blend topically on my face before I go to bed to soothe any redness and to reduce breakouts. I love waking up in the morning to see a difference. This oil is also a helpful tool in cleaning make-up brushes!
I have experienced benefits from each of these blends first-hand after not believing in them for so long. I encourage you to give them a try by incorporating them into your daily routine!
What are your favorite essential oil blends?
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Jun 24, 2017

Working while Pregnant: Tips for Surviving the Office

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Working during pregnancy is a necessity for many women and even empowering for some. I actually have enjoyed working through my pregnancy. It has helped me to not focus on every little anxiety when it comes to pregnancy and make these last few months go by faster. However, working in the office everyday is not always the best environment for my physical and mental health. From doughnuts in the break room to three hour meetings, it can be challenging to focus on staying active, eating healthy and being stress-free.
Some days are easier than others to take lunch-break walks and ignore the donuts, but having a reminder of items to keep me in check during my pregnancy has been helpful. Here are some simple tips to help you make the workplace pregnancy months more healthy and less stressful!
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Get Up Every Hour & Take a Lap 

There's no doubt that you can get into the zone at work and realize that you've been sitting there for more than three hours, so set hourly reminders on your calendar to get up and take a lap around the office. If you don't feel comfortable taking a lap around the office every hour, just stand up and move around. Your body is changing so much and relaxing due to your hormones, that keeping it active as much as possible and not staying in the same position for eight hours will help your overall health and pregnancy aches. 

Invest in a Office Chair Cushion 

This may seem like a strange one, but let me tell you from experience, my office chair cushion has been a life saver! I started having pain in my tailbone and lower back from sitting in my office chair, so I tried sitting on an exercise ball and a normal cushion but I still felt the pain. I searched on Amazon and found this affordable, memory foam cushion for back and tailbone pain and relief and it's amazing! I also have a convertible desk that goes from sitting to standing which helps me change positions as well. Just find something that works for you and provides you relief! 

Bring Healthy Snacks and Lunch from Home

When working in an office setting, it's easy to get sucked into all the treats that are left in the break room or scarf down lunch from a fast-food restaurant when you've been in meetings all morning and are starving. You can overcome this by bringing ready-to-eat, healthy snacks at your desk to keep you satisfied in between meals and less tempted to eat too many treats in the break room or too much at lunch. The worst I feel at work is after I eat a huge, unhealthy lunch so packing a healthy lunch and lots of snacks is key for me to have energy and get through the day. 

Keep Water with You

This, of course, is something everyone should do, but pregnancy makes the need for proper hydration even more important. Carry around a refillable water bottle with you at all times, so you stay properly hydrated throughout the day! Set goals to drink a certain amount of water bottles per day for yourself so you keep yourself on track! Quick tip - add some lemon or lime to it, so you have a little taste to your water. 

Keep Caffeine at a Minimum

Being in an office with a coffee maker is hard to try and resist going for cups two and three when you're starting to feel that afternoon slump, but The Office of Women’s Health recommends that pregnant women limit themselves to no more than 12 ounces of coffee per day, so about 1.5 cups. If you want to make your coffee feel like it lasts a little longer for a morning and afternoon cup, water it down to not overdo it. Cherish that one cup of joe, girl!

Allow Yourself a Daily Treat

Ok, let's face it, dealing with pregnancy while working deserves a treat. Now, there's no need to eat the entire box of doughnuts sitting in the break room but there's no need to deprive yourself all together either! Moderation is key to a happy and balanced diet! 

Create a Relaxing Environment at Your Desk 

Creating a stress-free environment all together at the office can be difficult. From pressing timelines to crunching budgets, there's always going to be some stress; however, you can create a relaxing environment in your actual work space. Declutter your desk so it's organized and you can find things easily. Add some fresh flowers and decor to brighten and liven up your area. Write down or frame your favorite inspirational quote to help you stay positive. Lastly, frame a picture of your ultrasound and family as a motivating reminder why you work so hard each day!  

What are some tips that you have to survive the office each day while pregnant? 

Thanks to my sweet friend Aria for this great post! 
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Jun 22, 2017

Summer Styles For Mom

Hi everyone! I first want to introduce myself and thank Cait for featuring me on her blog! My name is Holly Johnston and along with recently launching my personal blog, I also own an online women's boutique called Endless Knot Boutique. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces from the boutique that are perfect for mom's who are still wanting to look stylish but comfortable. 

Bomber jackets were huge for Fall/Winter and they are back for Spring/Summer! I love the simplicity of this jacket and you can easily dress it up or down. It's also very light weight and if you're like myself or my mom, we are always cold, especially if were out to dinner somewhere so it's perfect to carry and throw on when it gets a little chilly! This graphic tee shirt.. I mean need we say more, I know all moms can relate ;) To tie this casual look together you can wear it with any jeans or shorts, but these flared bell bottoms are so flattering for every body type.

Left // Right
Basic tops are our favorite and these two are super cute for summer time! The material is extra soft and they are loose fitting so they're perfect for a day filled with running errands. These would also be cute to pack for a beach vacation, pair them with some denim shorts and your favorite sandals.

Another trend we are loving are maxi dresses! You can never go wrong with a good maxi dress and this dress is perfect for date night or girls night. It's loose fitting so you will be comfortable all night long and the color blocking design is so eye-catching and stylish!

Thank you so much for reading, what other trends are you loving for summer?

xoxo, hollydawn
Shop the looks: www.endlessknotboutiuqe.com
Boutique Instagram: @endlessknotboutique
Personal Instagram: @holly_dawn89
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