Jul 27, 2017

How To Decorate With Old Books

Happy Thursday friends! I have my friend Tesla here to share how to decorate with old books. This is something I LOVE to do - especially because I have so many and want a fun way to display them. I bet you'll love this post as much as I do! 

Hey Everyone! Happy Thursday! I can't believe its already the end of July, I literally just said this about June. It has been a busy last few weeks for us with traveling for work, personal travel, and staying busy with everyday life. I thought it would be fun to share a few how to's coming up in the next month or so and the first one I wanted to start with is "how to" decorate with old books.

             The last time I posted a picture on my social media using old books, someone sent me a message and asked where I find my old books. The truth is I find a lot of great decorating books at antique stores and thrift shops. They are cheap and I am always looking for a good cover to any old book. I normally choose them but the title and especially by the color, after all thats how you decorate with old books :) 

1. Stacking: Use old books to stack on a coffee table, book shelf, or night stand. By stacking books you will be able to give an object some height but also show off your book titles as well. 

2. Exposing your book pages: If you don't like the titles or colors of the books you have; another stylish way is to expose your book pages. I love the neutral colors of the book pages! Add a decorative book end or even objects like my next picture to keep your books together. 


-In this image below I used a glass milk jar and a distressed white candlestick as the objects to hold the books together. You can see it definitely gives a different feel/look but this will give you more options for your everyday objects instead of investing in bookends. 

3. Creating book displays: If you don't want to style your books in the traditional way with book ends, you can create book displays by showing off different angles of the books. Below I added several books in the middle as my base and then worked my way out. I placed one book face down and placed glass jars on top to secure the other books in the middle in place but also gave the display dimension. By creating displays, you can get creative in the way you place your books. This is the best technique you can use for a book shelf as well! 

-Here is another image below of my client's book shelf that I created for her. I used the exposed book pages to keep that neutral look and added more books on one end and placed a mini plater as well as a white vase on the other end. Again, creating that display to give it a unique look and added detail. 

Stay tuned for the next "How To" :) You can follow along on my blog at www.dotsandetails.com or also on my social media to see the latest decor tip, recipe, or travel post. Thank you for stopping by!- Tesla Draffin 

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Jul 26, 2017

Landon 3 Month Update

I'm not really sure where the last 3 months have gone you guys?! Didn't I just have my little boy a few days ago? With each passing day and week I just can't get enough of this snuggly little dude. He truly has completed our family and with how much I talk about him, I'm so sorry I haven't been given a proper update on him in a few months! Here's a few fun things about our sweet Landon.

Eating- This kid eats like a champ. As far as nursing goes, he has it down ( which is such a relief since his sister and I did not have the same experience ). He eats so much that he's 15lbs 11oz as of his appointment yesterday which puts him in the 80th percentile for his weight. WOO! He also has a large head ( I call it huge brain power ha ) because his head circumference is in the 97th percentile. Way to go little dude!

Sleeping - This kid really does enjoy his cat naps. He'll sleep for about 20 minutes off and on throughout the day and at night, on occasion, he'll sleep 6-8 hours. Unfortunately for me, I've woken him up the last 3 nights to eat after about 4 hours but our pediatrician told me I need to stop doing that so he can sleep. He should be sleeping through the night at least 10-12 hours by now, especially for how big he is. Ugh. Is it awful I just enjoy my time with my little man ( but this Mom needs her rest as well ) ! She recommended to let him fuss for about 10-15 minutes to see if he can put himself back to sleep. Here goes nothing!

Milestones - Landon is already so curious of the world! He loves slobbering on his fingers and looking at the fan and lights. I love how he just coos and wants to talk your ear off all the time as well. My little chatterbox! We're still working on his tummy time to lift his and strengthen his head. He's also great at following movement and listening for my voice when I move out the room.

Loves: Does eating count ha! He also loves looking and attempting to hold a conversation with his big sister Lily. That boy just melts when she comes over and begins talking about her day to him. I can already see such a great bond between the two of them that just warms my heart. He also loves to be held so he can look around the room over my shoulder. The boy just wants to be apart of every conversation going on so he'll start to babble when he's up right.

Hates: Bath time can be questionable. Some days he'll enjoy laying in the water and looking at me while I give him a bath but other times it's a mess. He also still hates having the hiccups. I think he just feels annoyed ( don't we all though ?! ) with them and will have a sad cry of just wanting them to be over. I hear ya dude!

So yeah, that's our update with this little guy! Any fun milestones you remember of your kids at 3 months/ It's fun for us to compare Lily and Landon right now and what they were doing at this stage ha. Hope you all have a great Wednesday! 

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Jul 25, 2017

Work From Home In A Structural Mindful Way

Happy Tuesday friends. Today I have my sweet friend Jamie from Balance + Vine to share some tips and tracks for your work from home day. By the way, she's an American living in Australia so you know she's cool ;) Follow her on Instagram here

“Working from home, I’ve got ideas in my head and a desire to succeed. But well, I also have Netflix.”  

When I had my corporate full-time job, my favorite day of the week was Wednesday. Why, you ask? Because it was my ‘work from home’ day; yay! I loved every minute of it. I would sit on the couch in my pajamas, play Netflix in the background, and answer e-mails and generally be as lazy (physically) as possible.

When I quit my job in April 2016, I couldn’t believe that I got to make everyday a ‘work from home’ day. It was like a dream come true!

Little did I know working from home five days a week is a lot different than working from home one day a week. After just my first week of working from the couch, my back and shoulders were in knots, my hands were getting arthritis, and I felt like the laziest bum on the planet.

If anything, this past year of being self-employed has taught me about how to ‘work from home’ in a mindful and healthy way. In fact, it has taught me how to be at home in a mindful and healthy way. It isn’t just employees that this applies to. Mothers and Fathers around the world spend countless hours at home with their children, caring for them. There is no question these Mothers and Fathers also ‘work from home’ in very much the same way as employees do. When I refer to ‘work from home’, I am referring to anyone who spends their day at home, rather than going into an office every day.

It is important to understand how you can make the most of your ‘work from home’ days, so that you are not only productive in your responsibilities but also taking care of yourself.

The Cooldown
Here are some tips and tricks I would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to ‘work from home’.  

Decide on a habitual schedule and stick to it

You don’t have to have a mundane “same schedule” every day. However, in general, I recommend choosing a morning ritual, as well as an “active” ritual.

Morning Ritual: For my personal morning ritual, I wake up and drink a glass of water. This is a great way to hydrate and give you energy first thing in the morning. I then brush my teeth, comb my hair, and wash my face. I eat a protein bar, change into my active clothes and head out the door for either yoga or running or [fill-in-the-blank] activity. When I return, I shower, get dressed and boil a cup of tea with honey to get my workday off to a great start.

*For Mothers and Fathers, this may be a little more chaotic getting the kids involved but, it’s OK. It’s your morning ritual, and whatever that entails works. The point is that habitual behavior is calming for human beings and, this is an attempt at finding the de-stressing regularity.

Active Ritual: Getting active and sweaty helps you get out of the house at least once a day, and not to mention all of the other benefits of being active! I recommend choosing a few fitness classes a week that you like to go to. If you choose M, W, and F at 7:30am, then I recommend holding yourself accountable to those times.

*If you’re a Mother or Father and on full-time duty, I recommend finding a fitness class that offers free babysitting. These usually happen around 9:30AM on their schedule. Barre is a common fitness activity that offers this service, amongst others. It’s becoming more and more common, so reach out to your local studios to find out! Other ideas would be to take the stroller for a run or, if your kid knows how to bike ride, plan a run alongside your child when he is bike riding!

Shower everyday

This can be more important than you even realize. Showering gives you a fresh (pun intended) perspective on your day. Being clean makes you feel more presentable, and honestly better from an ego perspective. One big callout: waiting until 4pm so you shower before your partner comes home is not technically the same thing. Although I’ve been known to do that a few times…

Change out of your PJs

Believe me, I know how comfortable they are! Sometimes I still wear my PJs because they just feel so much better! However, I find that I always feel “less productive” on the days I wear PJs. It is a psychological shift from feeling cozy and introverted (ready for bed) versus feeling productive and presentable for your day.

Work from a Desk or Table

Again, I know how comfortable the couch is! However, there’s a couple good reasons why this lowers your productivity and is bad for your health. First and foremost, most couches are not set up for you to have proper alignment in the spine. This leads to back, neck and shoulder pain, injuries and improper alignment in your spine. Also, if your computer, keyboard and mouse are sitting on/next to your lap, they are not set up for correct alignment. This can lead to wrist, hand and shoulder pain quite quickly. Boo! On top of that, if you are listening to background TV noise, I would argue that typing an e-mail is never worse than when you are listening to someone else talk. I have gone back and read e-mails (or blog posts) I wrote when I had Netflix on in the background and, you would be amazed at the typos I created!

Drink Water
I am a firm believer in drinking water. That said, I always forget to drink water. Does this ever happen to you?! What I do to counteract this is, I have a 16 oz mug that I keep next to my computer (and me) at all times. When it is empty, I know that is the time to get up and fill it. No excuses. No e-mail or phone call is more important than water. I bet I have 30 more oz of water in a day just because of this simple habit.

Are you like me and are bored by just plain water? Don’t worry, spice up your water practice! Add fresh mint, lemon, or cucumber to any glass of water for an instant refresh. Herbal tea is always a great option, too!  

Set your Alarm Hourly

This is sort of silly but, it works. Set your alarm or calendar to go off every hour or every 2 hours (depending what feels best for you), and let it be a gentle reminder to get up and do something else. Even if it’s just to walk to the other end of the house, or step outside for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood or grab a cup of coffee or even laundry. I find that the best ideas I have are when I am away from my desk. When I come back to my desk, I always have more clarity on what I want to accomplish in the next couple of hours. Works like a charm!

Keep in mind, I have many times rearranged my habitual schedule to accommodate a special occasion or appointment. Don’t worry about changing it up; just as long as in general you are sticking to a schedule. Remember, it’s all about balance.

Above all else, don’t forget that ‘working from home’ is a privilege. Many employees who go into an office everyday would be thrilled to have the opportunity to ‘work from home’.  We are so lucky to live in a day and age in which working from home is even a possibility. Whether you are spending your days with your kids, or you have a job that allows you to ‘work from home’, you must take time each day to be grateful for what you have. The grass is not always greener, my friends. In this case, you really are on the greener grass. Relish in it.

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