Apr 24, 2017

Readers Survey

Happy Monday everyone! How's your Monday going? It's been pretty great weather in here in Atlanta so I cant complain much and I while browsing through I've been noticing a lot of new faces around my little blog! Welcome!

As some of you know, this blog used to be called "Fierce, Fabulous and Fit" and while I loved that name for the past 6 years, my blog really started evolving from parties and grad papers, to engagements, marriage, mommyhood and more! This blog has really opened up so much for me and my family that I wanted to figure out a name and made the switch December of 2015 for a whole new blog name, with still some key features that I know you all love and enjoy reading!

Speaking of what YOU love and enjoy, I wanted to reach out to you to get some feedback for upcoming blog posts. What are you loving? What do you hate? Is there anything I can do to make you keep coming back ( besides bribe you with Starbucks gift cards and clothing ;).. kidding..or am I ?! )

If you'd be so kind to fill out this survey for me, I'd appreciate so I know what you're looking for, why you keep coming back, what you can't stand about my blog ( I really do appreciate honest feedback ) and what you're hoping to find here at Cait's Cozy Corner. Those that fill out the survey are entered in a little drawing I have for a fun prize but I won't share what it is just yet!
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Apr 21, 2017

Friday Favorites!

First off, this Friday is a big one. Why? Because it's the last one as my little family of three! Ahhh! Next Thursday I'll be going in for my scheduled c-section in the morning ( if not earlier?! ) and we'll finally get to meet our sweet boy. Am I anxious, nervous, excited or freaked out? Can I be honest and just say all the above! The fact that we haven't had many ultra sounds with this little one just makes Zach and I even more on pins and needles to see what our little man looks like! Will he have blonde hair like my husband did as a child or dark eyes like myself? All I know is, it's Friday and I'm soaking everything up this last weekend.

But let's dive into some Friday Favorites shall we? If you're new to the blog, today is where I share some of my favorite finds in hopes of inspiring, encouraging or motivating you to enjoy them too! As always, I love finding out what you're loving too so please please please feel free to share in the comments section below.
1. Real Food - Some of you may have seen on my Snapchat and Insta Stories that I was hit with a huge stomach bug / part of pregnancy scenario last Wednesday. Can I just say that was probably one of the worst weeks/weekends ever for this girl? I'm still building myself back up and was able to consume a small spinach and roasted chicken salad the other day. It may not be like much but when you haven't really been able to eat for 4 days, it was incredible.

2. My Girl - I've been such an emotional wreck the last few days. From being sick to carrying this little boy I haven't had much time with my sweet toddler. She's been super clingy to Daddy knowing that I needed time to heal and get my body back together yet I miss our one on one time. The other night I was sitting on the couch and she came over, laid her head on my belly and said " I just love you Mommy". Well gosh darn it I almost bawled. Those that have transitioned from one to two kids know the feeling I'm sure of knowing that a lot may change, especially having these quiet moments just her and I but I'm going to for sure be making a priority to spend some quality time with her while on Maternity leave.

3. RX Bars- I've posted about how much I adore these bars a few months back but and recently they came back into my life while I was shopping the other day. Why on earth did I ever let these leave?! They are so delicious and I know I'm eating healthy since all the ingredients are right on the front of the package. Blueberry has been my go to but I'm really on the hunt for the peanut butter and the mint flavors! Have you tried them?

4. Warm Weather - Is it just me or once the weather turns warm everyone just gets super giddy and excited? Granted, I may be waddling around a bit outside with this stomach but I love coming home, sitting on our front porch and feeling the warmth of the sun and listening to the birds chirp. It just makes me so happy and I find myself saying "It's so GORGEOUS outside" every other day.

What are your enjoying this week?
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Apr 20, 2017

Registering For Baby # 2 ( and other Goodies ! )

So you've moved onto having your second child but do you really need to register for them? I honestly was asked this question a million times when Zach and I first found out we were pregnant with our second a few months ago. We opted to find out the gender and was excited to find out that we were having a boy, but did that make us need to register for 'boy items' then?

Because so many of our friends were so thoughtful in wanting to throw us a Sprinkle ( your second baby ) we opted to register to make it easier for family and friends to send us things. So what on earth do you register for when you're having a second? Here are some of the top things we were hoping ( and actually DID ) receive!

1. Double Stroller - I was the one that was unsure if we needed one but after chatting with Mom's of multiples, they all insisted that we HAD to have one. We decided to go with the Graco Modes Duo Doubles Stroller because we had a Graco car seat from when Lily was born but you guys, this was incredible! With 27 various ways to move the seats around, so much storage, and a bench seat if Lily wants to stand or sit instead of riding in the toddler seat. One of my favorite features is the click connect so I can put his car seat from the car and onto the stroller without any hassle! Plus press one button for it to fold. Super simple.

2. Dock A Tot- While I actually didn't register for this ( review coming soon ) so many parents raved about it to me. It's portable, easy to wash, and keeps your baby safe on their back and cozy.

3. Binxy Baby - I also didn't register for this item ( review coming soon ) but had to share with you the amazingness of this hammock before my full review comes onto the blog. I was always terrified of shopping with 2 kids but now that this came into my life, I'm pretty sure I'll have the hang of it. It fits to most grocery cart and easy for your little one to enjoy the ride while your toddler has her own seat up front!

4, Covered Goods - This multi purpose cover is a God send! You can use it for so many different things such as a scarf, nursing cover, car seat cover or seat cover for when you're out at the grocery store. I really don't know how I ever survived without one and can't wait to use it soon.

5. Video Monitor - We purchased this for Lily's room but being the worried Mom ( duh ) that I am I knew I needed a second one for our baby boy's room. This monitor is awesome because it hooks up to our phone as an app so no more worrying about finding the video monitor anywhere or charging it ( except to charge your phone ). It allows for Zach and I to talk, play music, see what the temperature in the room is and more!

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