Mar 23, 2017

Top 8 Books To Read This Spring

Now that we're finally into spring over here in Atlanta ( I mean like 70-80 weather again! WOO ) there is nothing I love more than sitting down with the windows open and having a great book in my hand. Well, currently I'm doing that with a large and and in charge big 'ol belly to prop my book on but you get the idea. Phew! These 34 weeks sure have gone quick and just praying our little man is enjoying himself before he makes his debut into the world.

While I have some time right now before he comes, I wanted to share some of my top 8 books that I'm anxious to read this spring! Avid blogger buddies of mine know that I love to read and share them with you so let's dive right in!

1. "Lincoln In the Bardo" by George Saunders  George Saunders is back, this time with a novel riffing on an actual event — the death of Abraham Lincoln's 11-year-old son, Willie, at the start of the Civil War. The narrative soon slips away from realism and into the bardo, a liminal state in Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

2. The Secrets of My Life by Caitlyn Jenner - The anticipated story of the most famous transgender woman in the world, from her childhood as Bruce and Olympian Gold to her transition and her life today.

3. This Life I Live: One Man's Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever by Rory Feek - When Rory Feek, country singer-songwriter and overall Renaissance man, started a blog — — he had no idea it would eventually become a crucial space to chronicle his wife's battle with terminal cancer. Millions of people tuned in to read his plain-spoken yet poetic musings, and Feek expounds on his life story here.

4. White Tears by Hari Kunzru -  In this shape-shifting tale probing racial history and white privilege, two 20-something New Yorkers obsessed with music are drawn into the dark underside of blues record collecting.

5. Marlena by Julie Buntin -  In this anticipated debut, a 15-year-old girl named Cat moves to a lonely town in northern Michigan and forges a friendship with her impossibly cool 17-year-old next-door neighbor, the titular Marlena, whose father cooks meth. Typical teenage acts of rebellion transmogrify into tragedy — which haunts Cat for decades.

6. Come Sundown - Nora Roberts -  Romantic suspense doyen Roberts heads out west with this story set in Montana, where a series of murders and a heap of complicated family drama leave a ranch owner on edge and turning to her newest ranch hand for help and support. 

7. Ballerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, and More Graceful You
Misty Copeland.  Ballerina Copeland shares tips from her own exercise regimen and entries from her journals in a fitness guide equally focused on grace and strength.

8. The Waking Land by Callie Bates -  A debut flintlock fantasy featuring a woman caught between the royalty who raised her and the rebels led by her father.

What are you excited to read this Spring?
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Mar 22, 2017

How to Survive Third Trimester

As much as I'm soaking in the last few weeks of being pregnant with our second child, it can sure be daunting at times. If you're having a difficult time as well getting through these last few weeks here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

1. Hydrate - I've shared that I'm not a huge water drinker but I've been forcing myself to carry a water bottle around the last 7 months to keep my hydration up not just for my baby but obviously for myself too. I can't stress enough how much better I feel after having my water and just making it a habit to have it with me at all times.

2.  Take It Easy - I'm the worst at this, especially measuring a month ahead of schedule with our son. I still think I can do it all but I know that I've really needed to slow down in these last critical weeks. So pamper yourself- get a manicure and pedicure, grab that massage you've been needing to get, take a long nap. You need it, you deserve it.

3. Body Pillow - My husband was amazing and bought me this great body pillow when I started my second trimester. It's been my go too for naps, relaxing, putting my feet up and of course, sleeping at night. I know there are several out there but for me, I just needed something I could easily carry around, comfortable and kept me cool all night long ( darn you hot flashes )! It's the best and I really recommend it.

4. Schedule Appointments - Since I only a few weeks left being a Mom of a toddler, I'm trying to schedule as many appointments as needed before I'm hustling with a newborn. This means getting my eye doctor, dentist and regular check ups done before he arrives. While it may seem a big chaotic, I'd rather just focus on taking care of our newborn when he arrives rather then running around trying to find a sitter to watch him.

5. Ask For Help - I'm guilty of not slowing down as I stated above and so asking for help can seem more of a hassle. Of course, I know I need to do it and thankfully have an amazing support system of friends, family members and a loving husband that is always willing to jump at the chance when I ask. I just need to continue to do so and so do you!

What are your tips to surviving third trimester?

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Mar 21, 2017

All Summer Long Book Review

Does money buy happiness? That's the question we're dealt with when reading All Summer Long. When a charming New York couple, Nicholas an Olivia leave their home in New York to be relocated down in Charleston, Olivia is not sure if she's cut out for the peaceful life that her husband seems to promise. She also is harboring a secret about their finances.

As a prominent interior designer, Olivia finds her client list slowly evaporating, the bank account dwindling and the large house they found on Sullivans Island too daunting. While looking at the next chapter of their marriage together, both Olivia and Nick travel with her billionaire clients along with their friends and finding themselves enjoying what it's like to be with the rich and famous, traveling the world.

Bob, a wealthy client of Olivia's due to him changing his wives several times is a character I found amusing. His current wife, Maritza is someone who adores her husband although shes aware that his eyes are wandering. They have a four year old little girl and Ellen, their nanny, who possibly is Bob's new catch of the day.

While the book does start off a bit slow, once I was introduced to the ever snarky Maritza, I was hooked. She was hysterical to me, catty but true to herself. As well as the overall questions of does your wealth bring happiness? What really is true friendship and what makes a solid marriage work? The characters intertwined with the various settings made the book come alive and one that I was actually sad to put down.

If you're looking for a great beach read this spring, this is your novel! You can learn more about the author on her website,  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Don't forget to purchase the novel here  !

Thank you to TLC Book Tour for allowing me to review this book. You can follow along the book tour here.
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